Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 19, 2021

By July 19, 2021 Tak Talk
SubSenior Campers

We are on pace for one of the wettest Julys on record. Today, we had to resort to bunk manicures and pedicures, just kidding. However, I’m surprised how quickly our boys took to playing Jacks. Truth be told, very few are complaining about the weather, and we’re doing our best to not let it dampen our spirits. We were scheduled to run our full-day, in-camp Takajo Tennis Tournament, but the misty weather made our courts too slick. We have postponed the tournament until tomorrow. Nevertheless, most age groups ran a full outdoor program. We had boys playing soccer, football, beach volleyball, gaga, and basketball in our two indoor sports complexes. We rotated in hobby classes, canoeing, sailing, and water skiing, and canceled our instructional swim classes. 

We are anticipating eighty-degree, humid, summer-like weather tomorrow that will be perfect for our intra-camp swim meet.

I’m sure many of you are following the news about the rising COVID-19 cases in summer camps. In speaking with my friends and colleagues, who are terrific camp directors, there is a common theme that this has been the most challenging summer of their lives; trying to navigate through COVID is just the tip of the iceberg. 

I sat down with our oldest campers in Senior camp today and shared with them that we have decided to postpone the upcoming inter-camp sports events against some of the local boys’ camps in the area. This decision was not made lightly. I recognize that the chances of infection during these sporting events are incredibly low, and I impressed upon our boys that we are on this magnificent facility with everything a boy could ever want, including enough boys at each age level to create incredible, in-camp competition.

CraftsIt’s my responsibility to navigate us through this unprecedented time, and I am incredibly proud of the appreciation our campers display each and every day. One Okee camper followed me out of the dining room after I announced the news to cancel inter-camp. He said on behalf of all of the Okees that he wants to thank me and our staff for providing the oldest boys “the best summer of their lives.”

As parents, we all love that “aha” moment when we feel the connection with our children and the appreciation for what they have been given. I was so pleased to have that moment with my oldest boys today.