Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 12, 2021

By July 12, 2021 Tak Talk
Soccer Clinic, SSTNJ

There’s a great vibe in camp. I’m sure some of this has to do with the fact that your boys had an opportunity to see you and speak with you over the weekend. Even if some of those calls became emotional, it still gave your son an important opportunity to connect with you. It takes no time for our boys to transition after these calls. I’m sure my wife is not the only one to remark on my short attention span, which appears to be a male trait, but in this case, it works to our advantage. Our boys can pick up a ball, jump in the lake, head over to hobbies, and the FaceTime call is a distant memory. 

We had a great break in the weather. Morning cloud coverage turned into an afternoon of sun, and we got a full day of activities in. I can literally see the transformation of our boys taking place with each passing day. It’s as if we’re chiseling off a layer of stress and residue that has been layered on so many of these boys over the last fifteen months. This is exactly what our children need. I watched forty of our youngest campers participate in relay races in the shallow area of our lake as they squealed with delight. I witnessed tons of campers participate in Mike Turtle’s soccer clinics that took place throughout the day at all age levels. I caught the tail-end of a baseball game that ended with last-play heroics when a great catch prevented the winning run on third base from crossing home plate. 

As your boys have had a chance to unwind and get back to a sense of healthy normalcy, I hope that you have been able to take advantage of this time and find your sense of play. As a parent, I became consumed with my children’s health and wellness over the last year and a half. I tried desperately to provide many moments of happiness, even allowing my sons way too much time to play Fortnite. As parents, we’re only as happy as our least happy child, and I would have to imagine that seeing our children’s lives compromised was as difficult for you as it was for me. I am confident that when your child returns home from camp he will return a more happy, confident, self-assured, fit young man, and I hope this summer will be as transformational for you.