Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Benefits of Playing Multiple Youth Sports

By February 6, 2020 Tak Talk
(Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

More and more studies are showing that playing multiple sports when you’re young is the best way to develop as an athlete.

Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes grew up in an age when early specialization and year-round travel teams started to overtake youth sports.

As a youngster, Mahomes was better at baseball and basketball and didn’t even start at quarterback on his high school football team until his sophomore year.

Few will have the athletic talent of a Patrick Mahomes, but playing multiple youth sports has proven benefits of developing anticipation, vision, and footwork.

This has always been our philosophy at Camp Takajo, now reinforced by science, which promotes the virtues of participating in a variety of sports.

And, most importantly, it’s just more fun!

Read more from the Washington Post January 30, 2020 article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/01/30/patrick-mahomes-became-nfls-best-quarterback-by-refusing-specialize-football/

Photo Credit: (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)