Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 2, 2019

By August 2, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine, USA

The Takajo Olympics “broke” for Warriors and Juniors this morning, and the competition is already fun and engaging for our campers. The Warrior Olympics began during breakfast when I surprised the boys with a morning raffle. After pulling out a few coveted swag items, I pulled out Olympic green and grey headbands. The surprised boys erupted into a cheer. A Warrior counselor dressed in a toga and carrying an Olympic torch trotted around the dining room. The boys followed him, making their way to the Warrior Quad, where they discovered what team they were assigned.

The Junior Olympics began while the boys were at line-up when a drone flew overhead carrying a sign indicating the Olympics were about to begin. Our Senior boys are on pins and needles because they know their Olympic break is imminent.

During the first day of competition, our Warrior Crows competed in basketball and baseball. The Warrior Braves competed in hockey, flag football, and baseball, and the Warrior Indians took to the field in baseball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and flag football. Our Juniors spent the morning organizing their teams and making selections for an all-camp track meet that took place throughout the afternoon. The events in the track meet consisted of a 100-yard dash, 220- and 440-yard relay races, 220- and 440-yard individual races, baseball throw, football throw, shuttle relay, and the cross-country race. All Junior boys participated in the track meet and gave a hundred percent.

This evening, the Juniors competed in some closely-contested roller hockey and lacrosse games. For the next four days, the entire camp is split into two teams, and our boys wear their green or grey bandanas that symbolize their allegiance to their teams.

Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine, USA

Takajo Subsenior Canada Trip

Our Subseniors returned home from Canada near the end of our dinner meal after another action-packed day, including jet boating the Lachine Rapids of Montreal this morning. We were thrilled to see the bus arrive at Takajo, and there is nothing more gratifying than seeing our boys return to camp safely and knowing they had an amazing experience. As we enter this final phase of the season, we will remain in camp as a close-knit community until departure day next Friday.

After a long day of Olympic competitions, the Warriors made their way into the dining hall for a make-your-own ice cream sundae party. Seated at our tables were boys wearing green and grey bandanas, sitting shoulder to shoulder, devouring their ice cream. It was a perfect reminder for our boys to leave the games and the outcomes on the fields and keep competition in its proper perspective.

Day two of Olympics begins after breakfast tomorrow morning and promises to create more highlights for our boys to cherish in their future memories.