Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 7, 2019

By July 7, 2019 Tak Talk
Soccer Specific Training (NJ) at Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine, USA

Last night’s rain was exactly what we needed to blow the humidity out of the air and give us the kind of weather that brings smiles to our faces. We woke up to temperatures in the seventies at Camp Takajo, and it seemed that everybody had an extra bounce to their step. After a little extra sleep and a buffet breakfast, each group assembled for morning activities. Lazy Man’s Morning is the perfect opportunity to concentrate on the activities that the campers choose.

Week three is filled with intercamp at every age level. Our Junior and Senior campers took the morning, practicing their sport in preparation for some of the bigger tournaments of the season. This is also the week that we bring in outside, professional coaches. These coaches train our boys who are interested in playing at a higher level when they return home in the fall. This specific training also applies to our boys playing at an entry level and wanting to develop a proper foundation in that sport.

Mike Turtle owner of Soccer Specific Training in New Jersey, has returned for his ninth summer season to train our campers. Mike will be here for the entire week. While I will personally make announcements to every boy and encourage them to participate in Mike’s soccer clinics, I would suggest sending direct, intentional emails if you believe this level of instruction will interest your son.

On Monday, coaches from Empire Baseball (New York City) arrive and will offer the same level of instruction for those who want to improve in baseball. I am a big believer in giving our boys an opportunity midway through the season to learn from other high-level coaches. This gives a boost to our program, creates an opportunity for our coaches to learn new strategies and techniques for teaching, and gives our boys the extra skill development that so many desire.