Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 4, 2019

By July 4, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine, USA

Happy Independence Day from the shores of Long Lake! Today at Camp Takajo was the epitome of a summer day in Maine. As the humidity levels have risen, yet our energy and enthusiasm levels remain high. We started our day by taking campers’ photos and shooting bunk videos, which will be added to our video yearbook that you will receive after the summer season. It’s always fun watching the video clips that each bunk produces. While they are short, they give you a window into the bunk’s personality.

After a corndog lunch, our Indian campers (finished fourth grade) came down to the beach for Shad’s Annual Beach Party Extravaganza. Our boys danced, built sand castles, and enjoyed the afternoon playing in the water. Our Crows and Braves (finished second and third grades) had a special sports period. We grouped the campers in games based on experience levels. Very often, the less experienced athlete feels uncomfortable and insecure during team sports games. We are making a conscious effort to group boys who have less experience in a particular sport together so that they feel more confident in a game situation. Our boys had a blast competing with those who played at their pace.

The games were close, fun, and everyone left feeling positive about their contribution to their team. After the team games, all Warrior campers made their way down to the beach for a refreshing dip in the lake. Our entire fleet of sailboats, canoes, and kayaks was in use all day. Our ski boats pulled water skiers, wake surfers, and wakeboarders up and down the lake. Our banana boat created sheer delight for groups of boys of all age levels. With temperatures remaining consistently in the eighties, the lake feels more like bathwater, and every boy is enjoying taking a soothing plunge.

What would Independence Day be without a cookout? Tonight, our Okees assembled their camp families and enjoyed burgers on the beach. It was a great opportunity for our little guys to spend quality time with the boys they admire and revere.

Tonight, when I made my rounds and said goodnight to our Warrior campers. I remarked that we were a day away from completing our second week of camp. Most boys were shocked and commented on how quickly time seems to be passing while in camp. I asked the boys to sit with their counselors and reflect on their first two weeks and to make a list of the top three activities they wish to do more during the season.

Now that our boys are settled and into our routine, it is a wonderful opportunity for each child to focus a little bit more on the activities of their choice. We will implement this during our Hot Stove free play period after dinner and during Lazy Man’s morning every Sunday. It was tough sleeping weather this evening. While the air remained still, our boys went to sleep dreaming of a cool breeze coming across Long Lake.