Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 6, 2018

By August 6, 2018 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo Art Show 2018

The heat and humidity that is affecting most of the country has made its way to Camp Takajo.  While the sun is shining, temperatures reached the low 90’s, and the humidity was very noticeable for our boys during their Olympic competition today. It is amazing to witness the campers’ resilience as they continue to give 110% during the final days of competition. In a Warrior soccer game, a team fell behind by three goals and managed to tie it up with just minutes to play. After a thrilling comeback, the game came down to penalty kicks. The trailing team fell short of a miraculous rally. Exhausted and a bit bewildered after this defeat, the losing team was embraced by their opponents, who had great respect for their tenacity and competitive spirit.

Camp Takajo Olympic Basketball 2018Our Seniors had Olympic basketball in the morning, and it featured some of our best players in camp. The lead changed hands multiple times throughout the game, but neither team was able to break open a lead that exceeded three points. With the game still in reach but time ticking away, the trailing team needed to foul an opponent in order to send them to the free-throw line in hopes of a miss to regain possession of the ball. As both teams watched, one of our Okees stepped to the line. This camper calmly drained two foul shots, icing the game for his team.

Additionally, there was intracamp baseball, football, soccer, tennis and water polo. There were too many heroic moments to mention. However, these days will leave an unforgettable mark on your son’s experience in camp this summer. One of the most revealing moments that I captured today was witnessing our two senior Olympic captains sitting together during lunch. Their demeanor was relaxed, and the conversation appeared natural as the boys smiled at one another, as if it were just another day at camp. In reality, these two boys feel tremendous pressure and responsibility to lead their teams both on and off the fields. The fact that two captains could step off the field and enjoy a break from competition together is a great example for everyone to witness. We believe in keeping competition in its proper perspective. No matter the result, when a game is over, we shake hands with our opponent and move on.

Camp Takajo Art Show 2018There are other things taking place in the midst of our Olympic competition. Last night, our hobby counselors hosted the Annual Takajo Art Show. We have an amazing staff, who have worked diligently with our campers and have brought out their creative side. Last night, the entire camp took a break from competition on the fields to walk through the exhibits on Hobby Lane and admire some amazing works of art.

As the sun set over Long Lake, the temperature remained fairly high, which will make falling asleep challenging tonight. As I made my way through the Warrior bunks to say goodnight to our youngest campers, I offered them a “midnight” dip down at the waterfront. Exhausted from a long day of activities, our little guys found one last burst of energy to sprint down to the lake for a refreshing dip before bedtime. With just four days to go until the end of the season, enthusiasm remains high, and the best is still yet to come.