Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – June 30, 2018

By June 30, 2018 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo Warrior campers basketball 2018

We awoke to a warm breeze coming across Long Lake. While the rest of the country is fighting this heat wave, we are enjoying a beautiful summer’s day at Camp Takajo. The temperature in Maine is warm but not oppressive. We had a full morning of activities, and every camper participated in his league competition. This afternoon, our 12-year-old boys competed at their first intercamp competition in flag football against a neighboring camp. Similarly, our 15-year-old boys traveled to our friendly competitor’s camp to compete in roller hockey.

Camp Takajo Warrior campers basketball 2018For the next three weeks leading up to visiting day, our boys finishing grades 5 through 9 will have the opportunity to represent Camp Takajo and compete in every land sport that we offer. There are two forms of intercamp competitions. We offer “field days,” when an entire age group will compete against another camp in a multitude of sports throughout a given day. These field days provide for maximum participation, as it allows every camper to feel the thrill of putting on a Takajo uniform and competing against another camp while representing the green & grey.

In addition, we compete in many tournaments that are based on a camper’s level of ability. Very often, tournaments are scheduled for boys who play at a high level and for boys who have less experience on the same day at two different camp locations. This also allows for more boys to have the thrill of competing. I think competition, when kept in its proper perspective, is healthy and a valuable component of a young boy’s growth and development. Competition provides our boys an opportunity for them to work, train, play, and experience together the excitement of victory and the humility of defeat.

Camp Takajo 2018 LacrosseNo matter one’s skill, just about every camper loves the opportunity to put on a Takajo jersey and compete shoulder to shoulder with his friends and bunkmates as he represents Camp Takajo. Over the next three weeks, this competition will create some of your son’s happiest moments and might challenge him to rise above some disappointing outcomes.

The day came to an end, and our boys enjoyed Saturday night at the movies with homemade popcorn furnished to Warrior campers by Takajo’s favorite water ski instructor, Don Matthews. As our boys put their heads on their pillows, they’re dreaming of Lazy Man’s Morning and Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast.