Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – June 27, 2018

By June 27, 2018 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo Opening Indian Council Fire

We had another beautiful day at Camp Takajo. There was a great buzz after our campfire last night. Great sunshine throughout the morning turned into an overcast afternoon but a cool breeze coming across Long Lake provided the perfect climate for a full day of activities. The competition amongst campers was exciting and the skill level was impressive.

As parents, we often talk to our children and hope that we are getting through to them.  Last night, while talking about the importance of treating each other with respect and kindness, I mentioned that a hurtful comment might get one minute of laughter. However, it remains with the victim for a significantly longer period of time.

This morning after breakfast, a camper approached me and requested a moment of my time in private. He shared with me that his own insecurities in the bunk made him feel that the only way he would gain acceptance was by delivering one-liners. He knew in his heart that this was no way to gain acceptance and was looking for a strategy on how he could integrate with his bunkmates in a more harmonious way. I suggested that he begin with an apology and that openness and transparency is the best approach. To his delight, his bunkmates welcomed his apology and recognized his courage to admit he was hurting others in an effort to become accepted.

After dinner, our Sub Seniors challenged our Okees to a basketball game when they discovered they were no match against their older counterparts. This annual event brings out most of our camp community to witness our oldest boys go head-to-head. While the day ended with incredible camp spirit and a group of boys celebrating a magnificent win, I cannot help but reflect on the life lesson that occurred in my office earlier in the day.