Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – June 24, 2018

By June 24, 2018 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk

The sun was shining over Camp Takajo this morning and the slightly cooler temperatures made for a perfect first day of full program. At any given moment during the day, one would have noticed that every activity in camp was in full swing. Teams were created within each age division, creating leagues for all of our boys so that they will compete in a fair and balanced manner. These teams will remain together for the first two weeks of camp, which is the length of time needed for all teams to compete against each other in every sport we offer.

Our hobby classes have begun, and campers are going to have the opportunity to rotate through our hobby activities, which include: music, art, crafts, ceramics, radio & electronics, woodworking, newspaper, photography, and pioneering. Hobby classes will meet for three or four consecutive days which allows enough time for our boys to complete a project before moving on to their next hobby.

Our skill activities, which include: water skiing, wake boarding, sailing, canoeing, archery, and golf were all in operation, and I’m excited to report that one of our youngest campers has already successfully gotten up on skis. With all of this activity, it is hard to imagine that the campers arrived just two days ago. We are still in the ‘honeymoon phase,’ when our campers are exhibiting their best behavior. Over the next few days, as everyone settles into the camp routine, I suspect campers will let their guard down and their true personalities will resonate.

While most children associate their summer camp experience with playing sports, the greatest skill they will develop is one of self-reliance and learning how to live with others. Everything we do at camp centers around our arch ideals. Whether it’s playing in a team game, passing food around the dinner table, or learning to live with others in a bunk, it is important for our boys to recognize the need for compassion and humility– for this is the essence of the camp experience.