Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – June 22, 2018

By June 22, 2018 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo Arrival Day 2018
I woke up this morning to bright sunshine and a cool breeze coming across Long Lake to us at Camp Takajo. I could hardly control my enthusiasm knowing that opening day was finally here. Before heading into the office, I took one final lap of the facility and enjoyed the calm serenity that I knew was about to be replaced by the invasion of happy campers.
Camp Takajo Arrival Day 2018Throughout the day, busloads of campers arrived, and they were greeted by an enthusiastic group of counselors. Every child was cheered, hugged and welcomed to their summer home. By mid-afternoon, the tennis courts were filled with campers eager to show off the skills they learned during the offseason, basketball courts were in full swing, and our soccer fields were the sites of some impromptu pick-up games. Our boys enjoyed chicken tenders and french fries for dinner, a camp favorite, and spent the evening meeting with their group heads, as well as being introduced to our wonderful staff.
Takajo Arrival Day 2018We explained to the boys that camp is rich with tradition. One of the more iconic rituals is the sound of Tattoo. This bugle call signals a time of reflection when the whole camp pauses and looks back on the day. It amazes me how a community that is filled with such activity and laughter can come together for a moment of silence as this beautiful bugle call echoes across our campus. As I made my rounds to each Warrior Group bunk, I witnessed many happy boys playing with their counselors and settling into their summer home.
As you put your head on the pillow this evening struggling with the separation from your amazing son, please know that he is here rekindling old friendships and feeling welcomed in our community. He is preparing for a great season. He will create memories that will last a lifetime.