Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 6, 2016

By August 6, 2016 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo for Boys in Naples, Maine

What a day! The hot, sunny weather was perfect for Olympic competitions. As I walked around the camp today, I saw nothing but boys with huge smiles, wearing green or grey Takajo bandanas on their heads. Olympics are in full-swing. We had a tennis tournament, a track meet, a swim meet, soccer games, an archery competition, a water polo match, and literally every boy in camp was involved in the festivities. Even those who were injured and could not participate athletically, coached and cheered, providing inspiration and great camp spirit.

Camp Takajo for Boys in Naples, MaineAs the energy and enthusiasm has reached an all-time high, I cannot help but think back to the first week of the season when a few campers spent some emotional days in my office. These boys were convinced that they would never find happiness in camp. The growth and development that has taken place during the past six weeks is simply phenomenal. These boys are now competing in activities with their new best friends; and, in a short time, have shared experiences that will stay with them forever. For those who do not send their children to summer camp, they cannot comprehend the gift that you have given your sons this summer. You have given your kids the opportunity to thrive on their own, to make friendships, to problem-solve, to show compassion for others, and to succeed outside their comfort zone. This unique experience can only be achieved at camp.

As the sun set over Long Lake, we offered our final Saturday Night at the Movies for each age group. As an alternative to watching a movie, the campers could watch the Summer Olympics, live from Brazil. The forecast for the coming days is for clear skies and cooler temperatures. We plan on making the most out of each moment we have left during our time together here at Camp Takajo.