TakTalk Blog- Camp Takajo – June 25, 2016

By June 25, 2016 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk

It’s hard to believe that we are only one day into our camp season. Your boys woke up this morning at 7:45 am. to the sounds of Reveille, which echoed across Camp Takajo. Campers and counselors, who dare to live on the edge, put on their bathing suits, and ran directly to the lake for an early morning dip.

The Dippies Club is a tradition that was started by founder Morty Goldman during the first summer back in 1947. In order to be a member of the dippies, one must take a morning dip, rain or shine, no matter the temperature, every day during the camp season. Can’t think of a better way to jumpstart one’s day.

After a delicious breakfast of cereal, french toast sticks, and our hot chocolate, the boys hit the fields and participated in a wide variety of sports. During the first day, counselors had the opportunity to see the boys play every sport so that we could make fair and balanced teams in each age level group. Because temperatures reached the low 80’s, campers swim evaluations were eagerly awaited.

Starting tomorrow, our program will be in full swing. League teams will be announced, and hobby and skill groups will be formed. So much of the success of a child’s adjustment to camp has to do with structure and routine.

06_25_2016_N_WR_SR_Big/LittleBrothers_0013You should be so proud of your boys. They have acclimated to camp life beautifully and have already started to create life-long memories.

As the sun set over Long Lake, and it was time for our youngest boys to call it a day, our senior campers, many of whom had made phone calls to our first-time campers before the start of the season, came over to the Warrior Quad to join their “little brothers” during snack time. Our little guys were in awe of our leaders at camp. It was a perfect ending to a fantastic day.