What’s Happening at Camp Takajo: August 8, 2015

By August 7, 2015 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo for Boys in Maine Warriors Celebrate 2015


Today, we had another glorious day at Camp Takajo: temperatures in the low seventies, a beautiful breeze, tall pine trees swaying, sunshine illuminating our playing fields, our SubSeniors returned from Canada, and our family is back together again. No Big Trips remain on the calendar, only special events everyday until those buses head south a week from today.

Camp Takajo for Boys in Maine Warriors Celebrate 2015Olympics broke for all three age divisions. Our Warrior campers woke up to the sound of Warren’s bugle playing the Olympic call. Counselors in togas ran around the Warrior Quad, waking all of the boys. Campers ran in their PJs down to the waterfront, where the Songo River Queen riverboat had pulled up to our docks, waiting to take our youngest campers on a breakfast cruise around Long Lake.

While on this double-decker river boat, teams were announced to the campers so that Olympic activities could begin as soon as the ship returned to shore. The Warriors have already participated in a host of team sports. After the first day, the score is all tied up.

Junior camp broke their Olympics in the dining room during the lunch meal. A staged altercation between Junior group leader Neil Minsky and Senior group leader Paddy Mohan had the entire camp startled until once again the Olympic bugle call sounded. The Juniors rushed to their line-up area to find out the team rosters. All Junior campers spent the afternoon participating in a track meet, where campers gave their all and cheered on their teammates.

Our Senior boys were surprised with an evening break, which had a slightly more traditional theme. After teams were announced and captains selected, the Songo River Queen once against pulled into camp to pick up our oldest boys for an evening cruise around Long Lake. Our oldest boys celebrated this occasion by enjoying some snacks and each others’ company as they eagerly anticipate the first day of Olympic competition Saturday morning.

Camp Takajo for Boys in Maine Sailing 2015After a full day of competition, our Warrior and Junior campers met in the dining room for a make-your-own ice cream sundae party. Campers could relax and rejoice after an amazingly fun and competitive day.  Each camper was given a green or grey bandana, representing his Olympic team. There is a real excitement in the air, and the best is yet to come.