What’s Happening at Camp Takajo- July 27, 2013

By July 27, 2013 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk


I remember when my oldest twins, Max and Kate, were born ten years ago this past June. Their birth was a few days before the start of our staff orientation, and I remember holding Max in my arms on the morning of our opening staff meeting. It was at that moment that my perspective as a camp director changed. I had already owned and operated camp for sixteen years; but, as we all know, once you become a parent, your perspective on life changes. I honestly make an effort to treat each child at Camp Takajo like he is my own, and I visualize you being there with me as I make decisions and interact with your child.

My son Max is now ten, and my younger son Jack is eight. While many people would think it is pretty cool to have your father as director at camp, Max wants nothing to do with me. As a matter of fact, I rarely get a wave, a nod, or even a “hello.”  The other day, I cornered Max. He was walking on campus, and I asked him why he pays no attention to me during the summer. He looked at me and responded, “Dad, I want to have the total camp experience.”07_25_2013_WR_QuadTime_006 at Camp Takajo

Today on my walkie-talkie, I heard that a camper got hit in the knee with a baseball while playing a league game. When I went to the health center and walked in to check on the camper, to my surprise, it was my son Max.

In a perverse way, seeing my son injured in the health center was a healthy reminder of the trust and confidence you place in us each and every day. We need to be there for your boys, in good times and in bad. We need to celebrate the joys of victory and comfort the campers during the moments when they are in need.

I know many of you are nervous when you see the (207) area code pop up on your phone during the summer. Trust me when I say that it is no easier telling my wife in person. Nevertheless, no matter what occurs in camp, your son is surrounded by love, and we have his best interest at camp.

  • Today is our first full day of Rookie Weekend. The “rookie” campers have been busy playing gaga, basketball, tennis, and enjoying the waters of Long Lake. Today, they will enjoy movie night with our Warrior campers, which will include popcorn and soda for all our little guys.
  • Our 10-, 11-, and 12-year-old tennis players traveled to Camp Androscoggin for some friendly competition and will return this evening.