What’s Happening at Camp Takajo- July 26, 2013

By July 26, 2013 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk


There are moments every day at camp that somehow manage to stand out. It would be logical to assume that these moments are heroic in nature:  a three-pointer with no time left on the clock or a double up the middle in the bottom of the ninth with runners in scoring position.

But, in reality, some of the greatest moments that take place in camp are the moments that are often unnoticed:  the expression on a camper’s face when he sees his ceramics project coming out of the kiln or the sheer joy when a camper climbs to the top of the climbing wall and is then greeted at the bottom by the counselor on belay who helped him get to the top. Another great moment is when a camper gets up on water skis for the first time and is so nervous that his knees are knocking all around Long Lake.First-time up on water skis at Camp Takajo

Everyday at camp, there are literally hundreds of these moments that take place. When I speak with the counselors preseason about the importance of leadership, I remind the staff that a leader is not one who has to motivate a group. A leader merely has to motivate one.

Today, I was watching a group of eight-year-olds canoeing and kayaking close to the shore. While just about everybody was having a great time, one little guy was struggling with his kayak paddle and was unable to turn his kayak around to head back towards the dock. Naturally, he was frustrated and yelled, “Somebody help me, I can’t do this.”

Within seconds, our canoeing counselors were with the struggling camper. Calmly, with great encouragement, the counselors pulled up beside our little camper and showed him how to use the paddle and steer the kayak back to the dock. The expression on this little guy’s face was priceless. Perhaps, he is used to having adults help him, so his request was not out of the norm. However, in this case, the adults taught him to help himself. The expression on his face spoke volumes. Guess who can’t wait to go kayaking tomorrow?

  • Today in Senior Camp, the St. Croix River Trip returned from camp after an amazing river adventure. The Acadia National Park Trip and the Golf Trip also returned to camp today.
  • In Junior Camp, the Greys will come together for our annual Camp Takajo Casino Night.
  • This evening in Warrior Camp, the boys will assemble at the Council Fire Ring for a night of fun songs around the roaring campfire. They will be singing songs, learning camp traditions, and bonding with their fellow campers.