A Camper’s First Summer at Camp Takajo, in His Own Words

By May 15, 2012 January 14th, 2019 Tak Talk

As a camp director, my greatest hope is that every boy who comes to Camp Takajo will make special friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The following was written by Ben after his first summer at Takajo. Ben was a model camper whose easy-going personality and zest for life is contagious. The article was written by Ben after he returned home last summer, for a school assignment.
With camp “right around the corner,” I thought you might like to read Ben’s essay.
See you soon!

Ben, 2011

Camp Takajo 

      Many people don’t know much about Camp Takajo, but it is a place where the fun never ends.  There is so much to do like sports, card games, crafts, swimming and waterskiing.  People never get bored at Camp Takajo because the excitement lives forever!

      One fun moment was when I faced my fears on the high dive. “Come on Ben you can do it,” my camp friend yelled.  I was horrified to go on the high dive for the first time!  I have a fear of heights, but I realized that I had to face my fear!  I got to the dock, and jumped into the cold water.  I swam to the dock and waited for my turn to go. It was my turn to go!  Adrenaline was rushing through my body!  I climbed up the stairs, and walked to the edge of the platform.  I closed my eyes, and with a leap of faith, I jumped off the platform! “Splash,” I hit the water!

My fear of heights was over!

      Another fun moment was when we won a big lacrosse game.  In overtime it was all tied up against Camp Winaukee.  A kid from Winaukee got the ball and shot. “Saved” by me!  I threw it up to my camp friend who was open at midfield, he caught the ball and ran up the field.  He didn’t have a shot, so he passed to my other camp friend who was cutting.  He caught the ball and shot, “GOAL!”  We won!  It is a game that I will never forget.

      A final moment was when I went waterskiing for the first time.  I got to the dock and told the ski counselor that I wanted to ski.  I went to the ski shack and grabbed the skis that fit.  I walked onto the ski dock, and put the skis on and I waited for my turn to go.  When it was my turn, the counselor helped me into the water. He gave me the ski bar, and I signaled I was ready.  The boat started to move, and I fell.  The second time I fell. The third time, I knew that I could do it!  The boat started to gain speed, and I did it!  That day showed how much confidence I had in myself.

      I realized that any camp can be fun, but the place where the fun never ends, is Camp Takajo.  I always have something to do and someone to play games with at camp.  Camp Takajo might be just a camp to most people, but to me it is the most fun place in the world!