Summer 2021 Updates

On March 24, the state of Maine issued updated guidance for summer camps. I’m happy to report that the multi-layered protocols we are putting in place are aligned with Maine’s guidelines. For us, this translates to full speed ahead!

Summer Dates & Visiting Day

We are planning to run our normal seven-week season. Camp opens on June 26 and ends on August 13. The state of Maine has restricted camps from holding visiting days on-site, so we will host Virtual Visiting Days this summer! We are planning some exciting activities, FaceTime calls, video streaming, and plenty of goodies to make sure your son gets enough candy for a “sugar high,” but not a stomach ache!

Creating a Bubble

Operating in a “bubble” has proven to be the most effective way to create a self-contained environment and suppress viral transmission.

  • Staff will be required to arrive at least two weeks before campers with proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. After they get to camp, we will administer two more PCR tests before campers arrive.
  • Campers will also be required to submit results of negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and will be tested two additional times after they arrive at camp. Keeping our camp community “negative” will give us the confidence that our bubble is working and allow campers to operate more freely within their age group.


We have made arrangements for PCR testing with a regional laboratory in Maine with same-day results. This will optimize our ability to identify and isolate anyone with a positive result, and it will enable us to quickly contact trace for exposure.

We have our fair share of runny noses and overheated boys under normal circumstances, so we will have antigen rapid tests in camp for anyone who exhibits even the slightest COVID-19 symptoms. While not as reliable as PCR testing, it does allow us to identify anyone with a positive result and take immediate and appropriate precautions.

Our Takajo Medical Team

We are currently working with a team of medical professionals who are continuously reviewing and updating our protocols. Several doctors, whose sons will be in camp this summer, have been incredibly helpful and gracious with their time. We will send a complete summary of protocols in the spring with detailed information, including specific instructions leading up to opening day. We will implement all recommended safeguards, but rest assured that camp will feel the same as always and include our iconic special events like Council Fires, Independence Day Fireworks, and Olympics!

What's Next?

To help you organize your preparations, you’ll find the following information posted in your account:

  1. Bulletin #2 with information about the clothing and equipment your son will need for camp. Link: Cover Letter, Bulletin #2, and Camper Packing List.  Visit our official provider, The Camp Spot, for our 2021 Clothing & Equipment Catalog and online store.
  2. March Bulletin with information on Medical Forms required for camp and preliminary baggage preparation.
  3. Medical Forms are accessible whenever your son is scheduled for his pre-camp annual physical exam. (We will be adding required forms for COVID-19 daily symptom checks for the fourteen days leading up to the start of camp on June 26.)
  4. CampMeds: If your son will take any medication IN PILL FORM on a regular basis during the summer, you MUST register with CampMeds. If applicable, check out CampMeds’ information for parents and FAQs.

Personal Note from Jeff

I have spoken with many of you during these past several months. We all agree that, in the past year, our children have suffered a substantial loss of social and emotional growth along with the constraints on their physical activities. If they ever deserved a “do-over,” this is it. My pledge to you is that we will do everything in our power this summer to help your son make up for lost time.

We will continue to provide regular updates, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns along the way. We are completely available, and you can always reach us by email or by phone at our Armonk office, (914) 273-5020.

Looking forward to being in touch with you in the weeks ahead. Until next time, Warren joins in sending warm regards.