We are moving forward enthusiastically with our planning for the 2021 season! For the past year, children have shown remarkable resilience and resolve. If they (and you!) ever deserved a summer to have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and revel in each other’s company, this is it.

Here is a brief overview that addresses some of our likely protocols and may anticipate some of your questions.

Creating a Bubble

Operating in a “bubble” has proven to be the most effective way to create a self-contained environment and suppress viral transmission.

Staff members will be required to arrive at camp no later than June 12, two weeks before campers arrive on June 26. You will need proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival. (PCR tests are readily available for free in most communities.) After you get to camp, we will administer two more PCR tests before campers arrive.
Campers will also be required to submit results of negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and will be tested two additional times after they arrive at camp.

Keeping our camp community “negative” will give us the confidence that our bubble is working.


We have made arrangements for PCR testing with NorDx, the largest regional laboratory in Maine. NorDx will supply the test kits, our medical staff will collect the specimens, and we will transport them immediately to the NorDx lab in Scarborough, Maine. We will have results within 24-72 hours which optimizes our ability to identify and isolate anyone with a positive result.

We have our fair share of runny noses and overheated boys under normal circumstances, so we will have antigen rapid tests in camp for anyone who exhibits even the slightest COVID-19 symptoms. While not as reliable as PCR testing, it does allow us to identify anyone with a positive result and take immediate and appropriate precautions.

Our Takajo Medical Team

We are currently working with a team of medical professionals who are continuously reviewing and updating our protocols. Several doctors, whose sons will be in camp this summer, have been incredibly helpful and gracious with their time. We will send a complete summary of protocols in the spring with detailed information, including specific instructions leading up to opening day. We will implement all recommended safeguards, but rest assured that camp will feel the same as always and include our iconic special events like Council Fires, Fourth of July Fireworks, and Olympics!

Summer Dates

We are planning to run our normal seven-week season, but remain flexible should circumstances dictate a change. We all share the desire to create the safest possible environment for our children and staff. All staff should plan to arrive at camp on the date that corresponds to your respective position. Please see our Staff page for dates, or confirm with Bob. (Please Note: If for any reason we shorten our season, we will NOT pro-rate your salary.)

We want you to know that the needs of our staff are top of mind. We are planning for every contingency, including the need to host days off in camp. While we haven’t ruled it out, currently it is hard to imagine a scenario where it would be prudent to breach our bubble and allow staff out of camp into the broader community. With that in mind, we are thinking of creative ways to make your time off enjoyable. We will have designated “Staff Only” areas, access to WiFi, access to our beautiful waterfront and lake, special meals, and plenty of food and snacks. We are committed to making sure you get some well-deserved time for yourself. We have a few “tricks up our sleeve” and are open to any ideas that will enhance your time at camp this summer.

Masks, Equipment & Activities

  • All staff should plan to bring disposable and washable masks to camp. With the guidance of our medical team, we will follow CDC and Maine state guidelines to determine when, and under what conditions, campers and staff should wear masks.
  • We will follow a general protocol of handwashing before and after activities.
  • We will have hand sanitizer located liberally throughout camp.
  • Campers will travel to activities with personal hand sanitizer and water bottles in a drawstring bag.
  • Equipment used in activities will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis according to prevailing CDC and state guidelines.

What's Next?

All camp bulletins are posted in your account. Please check regularly. You will find helpful information, staff bulletins, and required forms. When we need a specific form, we will send an email to inform you of an upcoming deadline.

Personal Note

We have a team of seasoned veterans in all the key positions at camp. There is no detail too small and we are readily available if you have questions or need help with anything at all. Please feel free to reach out to Bob via email or by phone.

We look forward to being in touch with you in the weeks and months ahead as we put together our plans for a fantastic summer!

“Jon and I were amazed and impressed by the genuineness, enthusiasm, expertise, and devotion of the counselors. From the tennis courts, to the basketball courts, to the waterfront, to the bunk, in the dining hall and all around camp, we were stopped and introduced to so many counselors, each one friendly, outgoing, and genuinely in touch with Zak and the other campers.

As parents, our hearts were warmed knowing that Zak was surrounded by such a warm and engaging community of counselors.”

Camp Parent