Skill Activities at Camp Takajo

Our Skill activities offer boys exposure to a number of areas that promote coordination and discipline. Skills include archery, golf, weight & fitness training, in-line skating, paddle tennis, flag football and volleyball.

Junior and Senior campers also have skills clinics in each of the team sports. Older campers may develop a special program with our weight & fitness instructor to complement their athletic interests.

Take the shot in Archery


Archery is a boys camp classic, and a ton of fun. The lessons will ensure that your son knows about safety in archery, skills and techniques, and will get a lot of practice under the watchful eye of an instructor.

Only fun allowed in Flag Football

Flag Football

Flag Football has all the benefits of full-contact football without the obvious downsides. Campers learn about team participation, competition, and the rules and techniques of football.

Go under par with Golf


Golf takes patience, skill, and concentration. Campers will learn about woods, irons, wedges, chippers, and putters. They will also learn the fundamentals of proper golf swings, stance, grips, etc.

Play inside with Paddle Tennis

Paddle Tennis

Paddle Tennis is a terrific way to develop hand-eye coordination - and it's just plain fun! Our paddle tennis courts are the perfect size for the USTA Quick Start Program which is a great way for younger boys to develop solid tennis strokes.

Be a team player in Volleyball


Camp wouldn’t be camp without volleyball. Lessons will include instruction in the rules of volleyball, basic information about the court, positions, and team structure, and skills such as hand positions, serving, passing, hitting, and blocking.

Weight and Fitness training for all ages

Weight & Fitness Training

Campers will have the opportunity to use Cybex weight training machines, free weights, and other exercise equipment. Safety comes first in weight training. Boys are taught how to take care of their body while exercising, and how to get the most out of it.

Hit the rink and practice Inline Skating

In-Line Skating

Campers get an opportunity to refine their roller blading skills. Not only is it a fun activity by itself, it’s also a great way to practice up for a hockey match.

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