Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – July 7, 2018

By July 7, 2018 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo campers 2018

If you ever want to picture your child having the perfect day at summer camp, today was that day. Camp Takajo woke up to bright sunshine and cool temperatures. For the first time in weeks, the boys reached to the back of their cubbies to find a sweatshirt that was only needed until mid-morning. Today was picture day so we took the morning to spend time with our bunks, take individual and bunk photos, and shoot short bunk videos, which you will have the opportunity to see when our yearbook video comes out in the fall.

Camp Takajo campers 2018As silly as it may sound, the preparation for shooting the bunk videos is very entertaining. The boys have to come up with an idea that speaks to the uniqueness of their group but that can only last 15 or 20 seconds. They have to agree on one idea and then execute the skit. It’s great to see the interaction between the boys and the fun they have collaborating.  The afternoon temperature reached the low 80’s, and every facility in camp was in use.

Our 11-year-old boys in Junior camp played inter-camp basketball games, home and away. Our 13-and-under campers also participated in soccer inter-camp home and away, and our 15-and-under baseball team took the diamond at home, while displaying incredible talent against a neighboring camp.

Camp Takajo Baseball 2018Hobby Lane was in full swing throughout the day as our boys take great pride in the projects they create. All four sides of our climbing wall were in use, as well as our giant swing. The finishing touches were put on projects in ceramics. These works of art were glazed, put in the kiln and will be on display for our art show that will take place in a few weeks. Woodworking remains incredibly popular, and our boys love the opportunity to work with their hands and build fun projects such as Takajo spinners, boxes, and paddles. There was a great breeze coming across Long Lake, and every sailboat was in use throughout the afternoon. Our ski boats made the rounds as they constantly pulled into our shoreline to pick up campers, who enjoyed water skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing on our beautiful, eleven-mile long lake.

No matter what your child’s passion is in camp, today was the perfect day to seize the opportunity to experience something they love. It was Saturday night at the movies, and all three groups retired to their respective rec. halls to relax, unwind and watch a movie with their friends. Tomorrow is Lazy Man’s Morning, which means Dunkin’ Donuts will be in the house. All is well at Camp Takajo.