Tak Talk Blog- Camp Takajo – August 6, 2017

By August 6, 2017 January 4th, 2019 Tak Talk
Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine summer camp for boys

Today, our boys woke up to the final Lazy Man’s Morning of the Camp Takajo season. This casual breakfast created the perfect, relaxed atmosphere for the campers before they began preparing for a fun-filled day of Olympic competition.

Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine summer camp for boysIn the morning, the entire camp was split into two, and our Senior Olympic leaders organized song competition practice for a camp-wide event that is scheduled to take place on Tuesday. In the afternoon, our Warrior campers participated in a track meet. This event was the site of some heroic moments, as our youngest campers left it all out there.

One can really tell a lot about a person by the way he competes in a track meet. There were races where it seemed virtually impossible for a competitor to come from behind, but we got a chance to witness incredible acts of courage and determination during this event. The memories of these efforts will remain with us for a very long time.

Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine summer camp for boysOur Junior and Senior campers both competed in land sport competitions throughout the day. For many of our older boys, this will be the last time they will face off against each other in this type of setting.

At the end of a hard-fought day of competition, the camp came together to celebrate the amazing art projects that have been created throughout the summer. One of Takajo’s strengths is the diversity our program. While we take great pride in our athletic offerings, we consider our hobby program of equal importance. This evening, Hobby Lane was the place to be on campus as the entire camp made its way to the Art Center, where they admired many projects created by their peers. These projects included diablos made in the woodworking building, videos and photographs shot by our media center programs, portraits drawn in our art classes, as well as various projects made in ceramics and crafts that will be on the way home with your sons to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Camp Takajo in Naples, Maine summer camp for boysIn addition to the fine works of art, the editions of our weekly newspaper, The Tak Tak, were also on display, and our boys got the chance to look over and reminisce about their favorite moments of camp through published articles that they have written themselves throughout the summer. As the day came to a close, it was a wonderful celebration of the diversity that we hold so dear here at camp.