I remember telling you 6 years ago that I would love to send my son to Takajo but my son had no interest in playing basketball, baseball or roller hockey. On visiting day I got to watch him play basketball and he's told me how much he enjoys baseball and roller hockey. As he puts it, "I'm not good but it's really fun to play."

I have come to learn that one of the most important aspects of summer camp is to let your kid have experiences that you can't give him at home. I still can't believe how much he enjoys the “swim the freezing lake” as I like to call it, but I'm deeply thrilled that he enjoys it every year.

He already has told me he wants to go back next year which I'm just thrilled about. Thank you once again for everything.

HopeCamp Parent

Sports at Camp

We take great pride in our athletic programs and feel they are on a par with those offered at specialty camps. We offer quality programs in six major sports: baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey and lacrosse.

A sufficient number of boys in each age group allows for homogeneous groupings. This enables us to provide appropriate instruction and game situations for campers at each level of ability. As a result, inexperienced campers are able to develop confidence and a sense of achievement. More experienced players are challenged because they have other boys against whom they can test their skills.

In each age group, we have an in-camp “League” that consists of four to six teams. Teams rotate through the six sports. Whenever a camper goes to a team activity, he receives instruction first. The allotted time is geared to the concentration span inherent at each age level. Instruction is always followed by a full game.

Starting at age ten, campers may participate in a full slate of inter-camp tournaments and round robins. We also offer Field Days in which every camper in an age group has a chance to participate in athletic competition against other camps.

Athletic Staff

Each athletic counselor is hired to teach a specific sport based on his experience and qualifications. Most have played at the high school and/or college level and many have previous coaching experience.

We also provide Specialty Boot Camps for all age groups in each of the major sports. We bring in top-notch professionals to run week-long intensive sessions for boys who want advanced training to sharpen their skills.

Competition in Perspective

The word “competition” often conjures in people’s minds what are really the defects of competition. Properly structured, athletic competition provides an opportunity for each camper to challenge himself, to use the skills he is developing, to cultivate a positive attitude, and to learn good sportsmanship.

Competitive sports comprise only one part of our overall camp program. Within team competition, we make a conscious attempt to reduce the pressure on a youngster. There are no awards given at camp. We strive to help each child develop confidence and self-esteem. To select only a few for awards would defeat what we are trying to accomplish.

Baseball at Camp


Instruction focuses on basic skills of throwing, catching, fielding, batting and pitching. As boys get older, more advanced skills and strategies are introduced.

Soccer at Camp


Boys learn the basics of dribbling, passing, shooting, heading and throw-ins. Boys also learn about the rules of soccer, the layout of the field, positions, and strategies on offense and defense.

Tennis at Camp


Our younger boys are introduced to the basics of tennis through the USTA Quick Start program. As players advance, they have instruction in all facets of the game to improve ground strokes, serving, volleying and to learn strategies for both singles and doubles.

Lacrosse at Camp


Younger boys learn how to throw and catch, how to cradle a lacrosse ball, and about the basic rules and positions on the field. Older campers learn more advanced skills in shooting, face-offs, checking, dodging, and offensive and defensive strategy.

Basketball at Camp


Younger boys learn how to dribble with both hands, pass, shoot, set picks, and play defense. As they get older, campers learned more advanced concepts about positioning, man-to-man and zone defenses, running an offense, and situational strategies.

Hockey at Camp


Boys learn the basics of handling the puck, passing, playing offense and defense, and shooting. Our street hockey league is augmented by roller hockey for boys who are proficient skaters.

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