Hobby Activities at Camp Takajo

Participation in team sports is complemented by an extensive array of Hobby activities. Hobbies consist of nature study, painting and drawing, crafts, ceramics, music, dramatics, journalism, photography, videography, radio & electronics, and woodworking.

Younger campers rotate through all the Hobbies to get a taste of each. As boys get older, they are allowed to choose the activities in which they are most interested.

As part of our dramatics program, Junior and Senior campers may choose to participate in their respective Big Show which is typically a well-known Broadway musical. We also have talent shows and camp bands for interested campers.

Learn about nature

Nature Study

Nature study is a great hobby. Our location in the beautiful natural environment of Maine and our on-site animals make this a rewarding and enriching experience.

Painting and drawing

Painting & Drawing

Campers with an artistic bent will enjoy learning techniques for painting and drawing. Our skilled instructors will help develop and refine you son’s abilities.

Crafts at Takajo


No boys camp would be complete without crafts. Campers will be instructed in a variety of craft-making techniques, and learn to work creatively with their hands.

Make a bowl in Ceramics


Boys will learn about different types of ceramic clay, different techniques, how to use a ceramic wheel, and how to craft hand-made ceramics.

A Musical Career at Takajo


We provide classes in music for boys interested in playing an instrument. Campers can participate in band practices and choral group rehearsals in the Music House.

Release your inner drama master at Takajo


We have a dramatics program that allows boys to learn about acting and perform in plays. Our Playhouse is a great setting for your son to reach his first audience.

Learn the art of journalism at summer camp


We provide writing classes for boys interested in journalism. Not only will they learn about writing and writing techniques, they will also put their skills to use in our Tak Talk newspaper.

Shoot some photos in Digital Photography

Digital Photography

We offer classes in digital photography. Campers will learn about the proper composition for a photo, lighting, and how to effectively use a digital camera rather than a film camera.

Be in front and behind the video camera in Videography


Our videography classes let campers get real experience with a video camera, setting up shots, editing, and the ins-and-outs of movie production.

Use power tools and work with your hands in Woodworking.


Woodworking allows campers the opportunity to become skilled working with their hands. We provide safety instruction about how to use various power tools when woodworking.

Radio and Electronics are great fun.

Radio & Electronics

Campers will experience working with a variety of electronic devices, and the rudiments of broadcast radio.

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